• Websites designed and developed to naturally rank higher in Google
  • Bespoke and beautifully crafted website design
  • Be innovative and stay ahead of the competition

Enterprise CMS

The latest technology powers a lightning fast, very simple to use, content manager to manage the website.

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Features that put you in control of your online presence, our modular platform is simple to use and very advanced.



Every page is editable. Add unlimited content.

Every page is content editable in its fullest from text, formatting, imagery, video embeds, links etc within the Page Manager.

You can add as many pages as you like, linking them to menus or within pages to ensure your website grows in line with your business.

The Navigation Manager lets you have total control over all websites menus.


Flexibility and control are embedded within our modular system.

This gives you the ability to switch modules on and off as you require them. Everything is arranged into modules:

  • Page Manager / Navigation Manager
  • Services Manager
  • Blog / News manager
  • Event Manager (allowing you to setup ticketed events)
  • Team Manager
  • Testimonials Manager
  • FAQ Manger
  • Form Builder (build & publish unlimited forms)

We do everything for you; we creatively craft and build your website, maintain / update the technology and host it.
How are we different?


Build your own website by subscribing to Wix or Squarespace or other website builder.

  • Great for enthusiasts who want to learn.
  • Requires a lot of time.
  • You have to do everything yourself in the website builder and may have to write code.
  • Many features required for a business website may not be available.
  • Will require your constant attention when you are trying to run a business.
  • Will end up costing you more in the long run.

Diginow ltd

Let us design and build your website.

  • Great for almost all business websites as everything is custom designed and built.
  • We can add additional features (ecommerce, crm) as our model is scalable.
  • All the code is guaranteed and written on international MVC standards.
  • The design is unique to your brand and not based on a template.
  • We look after your website for you, maintaining and updating the core technology, so you never have to worry.
  • You manage all the content from a powerful, simple to use enterprise content manager.
  • We give you a multitude of features, all helping you have the most professional website.
  • We look after the web hosting for you, backup the servers and secure them.
  • All for one affordable monthly cost or a better value yearly plan.

Agency / Freelancer

Let another agency / freelancer build your website using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or other open source platform.

  • Great for most business websites.
  • Built on an open source platform so the designer / developer cannot guarantee the code for you because many features are prebuilt by developers who contribute their code.
  • Cost is usually expensive for a 'free' system which the designer / developer adds a design template to.
  • The open source platform requires constant maintenance and updating.
  • Susceptible to hacking if all the modules and core code is not updated.
  • Very difficult to customise and scale to work exactly how you want it. Professionally qualified developers can undertake this but the cost is extensive.
  • You might not need to manage your own hosting.