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Questions you may have before you discover we are the right fit.

Questions about website ownership, agreement for our services and fees.

    There are no additional charges except in the case of new bespoke functionality. We'll always let you know in advance of anything you request that may incur additional charges.

    The Contract will renew for a further 12 months unless you cancel it prior to renewal. Upon cancellation, we will provide you with your website design and website content in a downloadable format.

    You have a right to cancel. You are able to cancel prior to us accepting your order. You are able to cancel after we have accepted your order. Please read our cancellation terms.

    You will retain all Intellectual Property Rights owned or licensed by you which are provided to us as part of the website content and website design.

    No. You would need to sign up to your own hosting and you will be responsible for uploading the website design to your own hosting server.

Questions about website hosting, my domains and website use.

Questions relating to email addresses / accounts.

    We can set you up with email accounts for your business based on your domain. We offer Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365 services. Please do contact us and we will advise you.

Questions relating to sending emails to customers (marketing emails) from my website.

    All websites are different. When your customers interact with your website, they may complete a form / order. When they do, they may receive an email confirming this. These emails are sent directly from the website (through an autheticated service for greater guarantee on deliverability. In addition, you have a feature called Marketing Manager. This feature allows you create and send direct marketing emails to your created lists or those that have subscribed to receive marketing emails from you - all with GDPR in mind ;). 

    In theory, you can send as many as you want. We use an authenticated SMTP provider (Mailgun / SendGrid). Each service aloows you to send a certain number of emails for free. For example, Mailgun allows you to send 10,000 for free. We'll talk through each service with you.

Questions during the process of web design and development.

Questions about developing bespoke functionality and custom integrations about your website.

Questions about what we require from you.

    We'll help you add content if you provide it at the time requested. We'll show you how to add content and manage the website (takes about 15 minutes). We don’t write your content (except the Cookie Policy) and we don't review your content (including any spelling).

    No. We don't write website content (except for the Cookie Policy). We believe content should be written by yourself to truly reflect your business.

    After you have completed the online form and we have accepted your order, we'll send you an initial email to prepare for the website discussion call. In summary, we'll need the source file (this will be the original editable logo file). As the process moves on, we would your feedback promptly. We'll also like your content to be submitted once the designs have been agreed (at the latest). 

    We'll create the whole website with 'filler' content or content from your old website (if applicable). Since you'll be trained on how to change the content and manage the whole website, you can then change what you require.